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Alternate Realities - Barbican Cinema

A week of storytelling through documentary film and a free AR & interactive digital art exhibition

In the interactive installation Echo, by Georgie Pinn, audiences step into the shoes of another through a virtual mirror, select a shared story and discover layers of themselves echoed back. Meanwhile, Rob Eagle’s augmented reality installation Through the Wardrobe playfully invites visitors into a wardrobe where the possibilities of gender are endless.

These installations are accompanied by two screenings: Agostino Ferrente’s Selfie (Italy 2019, dir Agostino Ferrente) and Enrico Masi’s Shelter - Farewell to Eden (Italy/France 2019, dir Enrico Masi), two powerful films that examine identity and depict intensely personal experiences in new and innovative ways.

Mon 13 – Sun 19 Jan 2020 Reviewing Soon!


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