Welcome to CAPITAL REVIEWER for the latest reviews on film, theatre and art across the Capital. In these tricky and uncertain times we turn to the arts on line: videos on demand, home cinema releases, BBC "Culture in Quarantine" (reviewing here: Mike Bartlett's ALBION with Victoria Hamilton) and other platforms for the arts including virtual tours across galleries. And there's plenty going on. Keep checking ARTS ONLINE IN ISOLATION for regular updates and reviews. 


The NATIONAL GALLERY is in full gear this May promoting it's extensive collection to art lovers online (full review of what's on offer by Kathleen Bondar) and now on digital screens across London and other cities in the UK (Susan Gray reviews Holland Park's display).


Films reviewed in CAPITAL REVIEWER this month: Romanian actor Vlad Ivanov plays Cristi a bent cop in THE WHISTLERS directed by Corneliu Porumboiu; Kitty Green's first feature blows the whistle on sleezy film producers in THE ASSISTANTMISBEHAVIOUR with Keira Knightley making feminism fun sabotaging the Miss World Contest 1970; THE TRUTH with screen divas Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche and WHO YOU THINK I AM showcasing the cinematic Binoche again.

Meanwhile, Curzon and the British Film Institute engage with audiences offering live Q&As with film directors - you guessed it, on line. CAPITAL REVIEWER joins Mark Jenkins director of BAIT (Cornish fishermen take on second-home owners) and Haiffa Al-Mansour director of THE PERFECT CANDIDATE (a remarkable Saudi woman determined to be elected). Both films reviewed here. Plus WE ARE ONE: A GLOBAL FILM FESTIVAL in aid of COVID 19 charities.

Keep checking this space as the arts adapts and evolves for audiences and viewers in the current climate. 


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